BIM Augmented Reality

Model immersion on site

Determine your position on site quickly, intuitively, and accurately without relying on specially-placed markers. Indicate trusted correspondences between features in the scene and features in the model and BIMVP automatically registers the two directly on your mobile device.


See the overlap between the model and the physical space on-site immediately to verify that components have been installed as designed. Since processing occurs on the local device, results are available in real time for follow-on action while on-site as needed.


Measure twice, cut once. Visualize components and quantitatively-accurate measurement grids on-site before installation to prevent errors before they occur. Projection reduces the chance of plan misinterpretation and promotes efficient workflow.


Upload augmented 3D photo-documentation to the cloud. Share notes across the team or with select users. Document work completion or issues while building a database of as-built imagery for facility management after completion. Measure distances any time after note capture, even on features that were not the document focus.


Building Information Model Verification & Projection

The construction site marks a volume in space full of potential for the structure that will soon be there. Completion requires a model design that is painstakingly detailed, dimensionally accurate, and coordinated among all the teams that will contribute to the end product. This design could be envisioned on the site in rough terms, a mental vision of the building-to-be, but actual construction requires duplication of that model on site at least three more times: layout, construction, and verification of all the model elements. BIMVP makes these processes intuitive by superimposing the dimensionally-accurate 3D model in place on site.

This happens not through one new device but through the hundreds of mobile phones and tablets already deployed on the construction site today. Rather than an enhancement to quality control, BIMVP is a fundamental sea change in the way construction quality control is done. By distributing the process among all workers – the ones turning the model into a physical structure – quality control becomes an integral part of the building process. Without the need for additional hardware or prolonged training, BIMVP can be implemented on any site quickly and cost-effectively.

BIMVP results are immediate. Although laser scanning is important at key stages of a project, such as initiation and completion, scans are expensive and time consuming to generate. Point clouds downloaded and imported to a model off-site must be analyzed to reveal discrepancies and conflicts between the physical installation and the model, a process which can take days. BIMVP makes such discrepancies obvious to a user on-site in real time, saving verification time and the need to redirect or correct work at a later date. For layout, BIMVP can project complex elements anywhere in the space imaged by the mobile device. The relationship between model elements can be understood immediately. Layout tools using laser projection, such as from a total station, indicate one point at a time and only on an existing surface.

As-built documentation is no longer optional. Savvy customers demand accurate documentation to support considerable Facilities Maintenance costs extending decades after substantial completion. BIMVP documentation generated as a natural by-product of the construction process also provides a dimensionally accurate record of the building as it is built. That same documentation can verify installation to design or indicate discrepancies from the model years after the walls are taped and painted. This documentation is a natural byproduct of the construction process with BIMVP and requires no additional costs from the GC to provide to the customer. Unlike traditional construction photo documentation, BIMVP images are tied to the model so that measurements on the scene can be made years after the imagery was captured, even if the area of interest wasn’t the subject of the image when it was captured.

  • Prevent rework and delays due to improper installations
  • Integrate with Autodesk products: Navisworks, Revit, BIM 360 Glue, AutoCAD, and more
  • Access models on-site immediately
  • Host data in your existing cloud
  • Leverage your tablets in the field - no capital equipment costs
  • Obtain actionable information immediately with no post-processing requirements
  • Generate As-Built documentation while verifing and projecting installations
  • Document contract completion to scope
  • Promote meaningful collaboration and communication across the team
  • Build more efficiently, for less total cost, to make a quality structure


Tony Ragucci
Tony Ragucci
President & CEO
Tony Ragucci, Ph.D. is an entrepreneurial leader and inventor of measurement and detection technologies such as hyperspectral polarimetry and cued maritime SAR. He has also developed techniques and procedures for low-cost cleanroom construction.
Victor Palmer
Victor Palmer
VP Product Development
Victor Palmer, Ph.D. has extensive experience in artificial intelligence, algorithm development, and computer vision, emphasizing real-time mobile computing. He focuses on problems ripe for revolutionary change.


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