Fast Lightweight Reality Capture

Take iPhone or iPad photos on-site and import them to Autodesk Navisworks for comparison to the building model.


Communicate with the team on and off site through photos merged with model elements.


Record the as-built structure with rich imagery tied to locations in the Navisworks model.

Control Quality

Identify issues through accurate measurement without laser scanning or multiple site trips.

Improve Efficiency

Check dozens of field installation dimensions against the model from a single photograph.

Reduce Costs

Leverage technology spend by using deployed mobile devices as photogrammetric tools.

The BIMtrace plugin is compatible with 2016 & 2017 releases of Autodesk® Navisworks® Simulate & Manage.


“We started using BIMtrace a year ago as a beta tester in Fort Worth and have now expanded our use companywide.”

Thomas Hook Director, Applied Technologies / Linbeck Group

“This is a game-changer for our field teams since we now have the ability to know quicker than ever before if systems are installed improperly which will affect process equipment installation or other trade subcontractors down the road.”

Ryan Camer Director of Virtual Construction / The Haskell Company

“In the first two weeks of use we caught some pretty large interferences that were due to existing conditions being modeled incorrectly. Catching these issues prior to construction saved us time and money by removing change orders and construction delays and easily paid for our subscription for the year.”

Robert Deardorff BIM Coordinator / Senior Designer

“[BIMtrace] became an essential part of our weekly coordination meetings to show progress as well as address model updates to reflect field conditions.”

Hamzah Shanbari Virtual Construction Specialist / The Haskell Company

“We’re doing a $50 million expansion on our headquarters, and we’re using [BIMtrace] right now to validate a lot of the in-progress work or constructed installations.”

Kevin Bredeson Vice President, Virtual Design & Construction / Suffolk Construction




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