Tony Ragucci

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Tony Ragucci is Founder and CEO of Pericept, Inc. He learned the construction trade from his father and grandfather before obtaining a Ph.D. in physics. During graduate work developing instrumentation and measurement techniques, he designed and managed construction of a low-temperature physics laboratory and semiconductor cleanroom. Starting as a Research Scientist at Lynntech, a recent Tibbetts awardee, Tony invented and developed measurement and detection techniques such as hyperspectral polarimetry (NASA), high-speed multispectral ophthalmic fundus imaging (NIH), and cued thermal anomaly detection for airborne maritime search (DHS). Recognized for his work in Electrooptical/Infrared embedded instrumentation and his formation of high-performing technical teams, Tony became Chief Technology Officer of the organization and lead it to unprecedented successes in advanced technology development for government customers. In 2015 he founded Pericept to bring practical measurement solutions to the construction industry using mobile devices. He is an SPIE Senior Member and recipient of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Career Achievement Award.