Live Map Review

The latest update for BIMtrace enables live review of Notes shown on the 2D overview map. Select any Note icon to open the Note, go to the Note position in the model, or load the Note into Navisworks for review. In addition to enhanced site-to-BIM visualization for review and coordination meetings, users can now work […]

SPAR 3D covers BIMtrace before Expo

Sean Higgins, editor of the SPARView newsletter, featured Pericept in his headline article, “BIMtrace: Low-Cost & Lightweight Reality Capture for AEC.” Sean made his enthusiasm for the technology clear in the newsletter’s introduction. “Don’t bother waiting for a 3D sensor in your phone. BIMtrace uses some clever processing to offer powerful QC and measurement tools […]

BIMtrace integrates with Procore

Pericept’s latest update to BIMtrace is a major release that includes Procore integration. Many of our users also use Procore and this integration makes their workflow more seamless, integrated, and easy. A brief video explains how BIMtrace works with Procore. In the field, attach BIMtrace Notes to Procore Observations through the Photos directory. Attached Notes can […]

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