"As a GC, QAQC plays a large part in our role on projects. We started using BIMtrace a year ago as a beta tester in Fort Worth and have now expanded our use companywide. BIMtrace has allowed us to bring photogrammetry to all our employees by enabling them to monitor and ensure components in the field are being installed properly per the coordinated model by simply using the iPad to take photos and overlay the image on the coordinated model."

Thomas Hook
Director, Applied Technologies / Linbeck Group

"One of the biggest challenges in the BIM coordination process throughout the AEC industry is downstream validation as work is progressing and field execution per the coordinated model. The BIMtrace product helps alleviate some of these concerns by capturing existing conditions and work-in-place and almost instantly overlaying/augmenting the coordination model into the real environment, simply by snapping a photo with any device and processing alignments on known elements. This is a game-changer for our field teams since we now have the ability to know quicker than ever before if systems are installed improperly which will affect process equipment installation or other trade subcontractors down the road."

Ryan Camer
Director of Virtual Construction / The Haskell Company

"I was lucky enough to be included in the Beta test for BIMtrace. During testing we utilized BIMtrace to better coordinate our Revit model with existing conditions in multiple areas. In the first two weeks of use we caught some pretty large interferences that were due to existing conditions being modeled incorrectly. Catching these issues prior to construction saved us time and money by removing change orders and construction delays and easily paid for our subscription for the year.

"As an added benefit, BIMtrace allows us to create PDF Maps with hyperlinked markers that show where each picture was taken. Having these maps has removed the laborious task of finding “that one photo”. Now we can simply open up a plan, go to a specific area, and see all photos that were taken in that area. We believe that this feature will save countless hours over the course of a project.

"On top of BIMtrace being a great tool, I have found Pericept to be a great company to work with so far. They are very interested in feedback and ideas and have been very quick to implement any good ideas that make sense. Pericept has gone out of their way to make sure that BIMtrace works as efficiently as possible."

Robert Deardorff
BIM Coordinator / Senior Designer

"BIMtrace has helped us shed some light between model and field installation discrepancies quickly and accurately. This became an essential part of our weekly coordination meetings to show progress as well as address model updates to reflect field conditions."

Hamzah Shanbari
Virtual Construction Specialist / The Haskell Company

"It’s really going to enhance our quality process and our quality assurance and control process. That’s where we see a huge benefit. We have 3-D models on all of our jobs, and being able to take them and do that overlay, that’s always been a gap that I’ve identified, a gap of, 'OK, we model it, we coordinate it, we essentially perfect it so that it’s ready to build, but how do we actually verify what got built?' That’s why I was attracted to this tool. We’re doing a $50 million expansion on our headquarters, and we’re using the product right now to validate a lot of the in-progress work or constructed installations."

Kevin Bredeson
Vice President, Virtual Design & Construction / Suffolk Construction